Dateset description:

Events describe changes in company health and risk status, management and important metrics. In selected markets, we also provide media coverage. The media coverage is experimental as it relies on named-entity extraction techniques, which may produce false matches between article and company profile.

Dataset updates:

Events from official registries correspond with the registry updates which feed the company basic-info dataset. Typically we publish the event in the range of 1-3 days after it has been made available on the source. Media events are followed daily, aiming at next-day publication. Events generated from other registries (VAT, insolvency, statistical office ie.) are more likely to occur weekly or monthly.



Selected use cases:

  • monitor riskiness of your customer portfolio exposure by filtering risk events on a daily basis and notify account owner
  • react to changes in key metrics (employee growth, important contract) by offering your services to expanding companies
  • monitor management changes and seize a moment to influence new decision makers

Endpoint variables description:

Item commercial name Path Item description Example Always populated
Event unique ID data/ uniqueId ID unique across countries cz-event-696257de35fe8e23baa4 Yes
Event subject data/ subject Caption of the event Connection with PRISKO a.s. has been removed Yes
Event summary data/ summary Short description of the event Connection with PRISKO a.s. has been removed No
Event text data/ text Full text of the event (long esp. for media mentions) Dlouho šlo o dva rozdílné a vzájemně nespolupracující světy – tradiční bankovní sektor… No
Event URL data/ url Url of the event on source, typically NOT populated for hard events No
Event publishing date data/ publishedAt Publishing date used primarily for media mentions 2022-04-29T11:14:59+00:00 No
Event start date data/ startedAt When did the event happen/ start happening 2022-04-29T06:00:00+00:00 Yes
Event end date data/ finishedtAt If time bound, when did the event stop happening 2022-04-29T06:00:00+00:00 No
Event expiry date data/ expiresAt 2022-04-29T06:00:00+00:00 No
Event category (code) data/ categories/ code Enumeration for /api/v3/events/enums/categories media Inherited
Event category (label) data/ categories/ name Media mention No
Event severity data/ severity How significant is the event? Default value = 0 0 No
Entity involved in event entity national ID data/ entities/ nationalIn 45244782 Inherited
Entity involved in event entity unique ID data/ entities/ uniqueId cz-company-45244782 Inherited
Entity involved in event entity name data/ entities/ name Česká spořitelna, a.s. Inherited
Role of the entity involved data/ entities/ role/ code employee Inherited
Entity involved in event entity type data/ entities/ type Company/Person Company Inherited
path Parameters
query Parameters
string or null

A search based on company's national identifier.

Array of strings or null

A collection of event role codes to search by.


A System.Boolean value indicating if the search should be targeted only for followed companies.

string or null <uuid>

Unique identifier.

Array of strings or null

A collection of Event category codes to search by.

Array of strings or null

A collection of source codes to search by.

string or null <date-time>

Specify bottom date limit to search for events by Started At.

string or null <date-time>

Specify upper date limit to search for events by Started At.

string (BizMachine.Prospector.Api.DataStructures.Dtos.Events.v3.Enum.FeedbackValueDto)

Feedback value.

Default value is Positive when not specified.

Enum: "Any" "Positive" "Negative"
string or null <date-time>

Search data by System.DateTimeOffset starting from this value.

string or null <date-time>

Search data by System.DateTimeOffset up to this value.

integer <int32>

Allows to specify offset from where to start streaming results. Default value: 0

integer <int32>
Default: 200

Allows to specify limit of returned data.

string or null

Sorting order and field to sort by in format sorting-order Valid orders: desc, asc.

Example: desc(createdAt)



Response samples
  • "paging": {
  • "data": [